SunTrust Bank receives insured deposits of Omni National Bank

This just in from the FDIC. Another Friday night special:

Omni National Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, was closed today by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which then appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into an agreement with SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, to act as paying agent for the insured deposits of Omni National Bank.

As the FDIC’s paying agent, SunTrust will operate the six former branches of Omni National, on behalf of the receiver, until April 27, 2009. Omni National had branches in Atlanta, Georgia; Dalton, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas; and Houston, Texas. Banking activities, such as writing checks, can continue normally for former Omni National customers during this transition period.

All insured depositors of Omni National may transfer their accounts to other banks at any time until April 27, 2009. At that time, all of the former Omni National branches will be closed. During this 30-day transition period, depositors in Georgia and Florida can choose to either open an account with SunTrust or close their account and receive a check. Customers of those branches who do not open new accounts at SunTrust or withdraw their funds by April 27th will be automatically transferred to SunTrust. For depositors of the Omni National branches in Illinois and Texas who have not closed their accounts by April 27, SunTrust will mail checks to the address of record.

The FDIC entered into the agreement with SunTrust to avoid the inconvenience and disruption of customers receiving checks for their insured deposits. This arrangement also allows for uninterrupted direct deposits, including Social Security payments, to and automated payments from customers’ accounts through April 27. In addition, the transaction allows Omni National customers, particularly in Chicago, Dallas and Houston, time to find another institution in which to do business.

As of March 9, 2009, Omni National Bank had total assets of $956.0 million and total deposits of $796.8 million. At the time of closing, there were approximately $2.0 million in uninsured deposits that potentially exceeded the insurance limits. This amount is an estimate that is likely to change once the FDIC obtains additional information from these customers. Brokered deposits are not a part of this transaction. The FDIC will pay the $320.1 million in brokered deposits directly to the brokers for the amount of their insured funds.

Omni is the 21st bank seized by the FDIC this year.

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