U.S. government near deal on another AIG bailout

This is in via Reuters:

American International Group Inc is close to a deal with the U.S. government that would ease the terms of its bailout, provide a further equity commitment and help it pay down debt, a person familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

The revision would be the latest sign of how federal regulators are having to tweak bailout packages for financial institutions deemed too big to fail as the economy and markets worsen.

The board of the troubled insurer is due to meet on Sunday to vote on the deal, which could be announced when AIG reports its quarterly results on Monday, the source said.

That would be just days after the government agreed to boost its equity stake in Citigroup Inc to as much as 36 percent in a bid to bolster another financial giant that taxpayers had already poured billions of dollars into.

The revised AIG agreement is expected to include an additional equity commitment of about $30 billion, more lenient terms on an existing preferred investment, and a lower interest rate on a $60 billion government credit line, the source said.

The new equity commitment would give AIG the ability to issue preferred stock to the government at a later date, the source said.

In my view, AIG is a nationalized organization being treated at arms length as if it were a private company. Is this the template for creeping nationalization as Marshall Auerback suggested to me? If it is, god help us.

  1. Glen says

    ..and yet the same incompetent navigators remain at the helm of a ship sailing to oblivion. Will there be a mutiny at hand? Probably not. The USS Obama is so stranded at the dock by incompetence, it will never set sail.

  2. robbwindow says

    It’s Great what Britain is doing is really trying to help everybody sort things. Should be fun to see the end result, great post.

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