1. Tom Lindmark says

    When I switched from Blogger to WordPress I went with the company that was on the top of WordPress’s list of recommended vendors. Not very scientific but at the same time over three months and not one problem. They are bluehost.com.

  2. Edward Harrison says


    Thanks for the tip. I looked up a bunch of ISP’s via webhostingjury.com. It’s a very good site for that. My ISP, GoDaddy, ranks relatively low. I know that Barry Ritholtz also uses them but he doesn’t seem to be having any difficulties.

    Your guys have a very good ranking, so I will definitely look into them.

    Also, Tom, I don’t know if you saw, but top commenters with websites are featured in the sidebar with links back to their site (but only on the home page). You are on that list. Thanks for your commentaries.


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