The Top 25 Finance and Economics Blogs

Brian Gongol comes out with a list of the most-trafficked business and economic blogs every month. This month, we made it onto the list at number 25. I want to thank everyone for reading this blog and helping it get into the top 25 so quickly.

I started this blog back in March as a project to help bring a well-informed alternative view of finance, economics, politics and foreign policy into the mainstream consciousness. Most people could give a damn about economics and finance. They think it’s pretty esoteric stuff and have just not paid attention to their own finances let alone the world’s finances.

But, these have become very interesting times. And I imagine many more people are paying attention now. My hope is to be able to play a small part in bringing the right questions and issues into view so that we the people can bring a better-informed opinion to bear on our policy makers at this critical juncture in world economic history.

There are three thing which I hope come across in my writing. I very much respect the views of my fellow econ bloggers who I see as colleagues in an effort to make economics and finance interesting. I also respect the views of my readers and enjoy your many comments and criticisms. But, it is that final note — on criticism — where I hope to leave the best impression.

There are those times when I publish a post that I look back and wish I hadn’t! Sometimes it’s just a bad writing day, but other times it’s bad facts. The reality is I am going to get things wrong from time to time. I do my level best to reference my source material and check facts before I publish. But, errors do creep through. And despite being an opinionated blowhard on occasion, I must remain true to the facts. So, when I do make a mistake, I will always try to own up to it and correct it so that you as a reader feel you are always getting a well-informed view of the global economy financial markets and geopolitics.

As a result, I will always enjoy any feedback you can offer and am very grateful for your readership.

Thanks so much.



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  1. Stevie b. says

    Ed – well-deserved – congratulations!
    It’s nice that you recognize that the vagaries of economics and the markets make us all humble, usually right after we got something right!

  2. jmf says

    GLÜCKWUNSCH from Germany!!!!!!!

  3. Edward Harrison says

    thanks guys, it has been fun reading your comments and posts as well.

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