Blog changes: Blogger or WordPress?

I am off to the beach this weekend, so blogging will be light. But I wanted to ask for help on a technical issue first.

We have been using Blogger’s platform to run this blog for the past 8 months or so. However, we have run up against a number of issues that are limiting. Recently, we have been thinking about switching over to the WordPress platform.

Please let me know if you have any opinions about Blogger, WordPress and other blogging software. Your input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Tom Lindmark says

    I wrote a corporate blog for about 9 months on WordPress. The company decided to do away with the blog so I decided to set up my own. I tried Typepad but that was ridiculous so I went to Blogger for the ease of getting it going. What a mistake. WordPress is to Blogger as a Porsche is to a Smart Car. You’ll find it much easier and flexible, particularly for formatting and importing. The only thing I didn’t like was WordPress’s comment function. You might want to replace it with another. That’s the only place Blogger has it beat.

  2. Edward Harrison says

    Thanks Tom,

    That is very useful. I noticed that Calculated Risk uses HaloScan for comments and Mish Shedlock uses JS-Kit. Do you have any thoughts on either of those comment platforms?

    I have also seen disqus mentioned as well.


  3. Tom Lindmark says

    You might want to talk to CR about Halogen. They seem to have problems with it from time to time. I don’t know if you can use it with WordPress, I intend to find out when I switch back, but Infectious Greed, Kedrosky’s site, has a dynamite comments program. It’s called Intense Debate and is actually a mini-social networking/comments program. Don’t know the cost but it works like a charm. Great for back and forth with you and commentators. It also spits out an email with your comment to the person who left the comment.

    Let me know if you come across anymore as I am switching back.

    Tom Lindmark

  4. Anonymous says

    IMHO Typepad is reliable, easy-to-use and very popular. I run on it without trouble.

  5. Edward Harrison says

    You guys may have seen that we recently switched to WordPress but were forced to switch back. There were some technical details that was making our site unavailable both yesterday and today. I really like the WordPress platform but we’ll have to address those issues before we move forward and make the switch.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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