Short-selling financial shares is now illegal

The latest government intervention into the capitalist system is the move by the UK and U.S. governments to ban short-selling of all financial stocks outright.

In the wake of the severe market turbulence unleashed by the failure of Lehman Brothers, the government has decided to insert itself into the marketplace and prop up share prices by banning short-selling outright. This is a clear violation of free market principles.

This is quite ironic because the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury allowed Lehman Brothers to fail in order to demonstrate the Governments commitment to the free market. Obviously, their experiment in free market economics has been a disaster, and they are doing a complete 180-turn. The next thing you know, they will ban private citizens from owning gold.

Below is the list of firms which cannot be shorted and links to a number of good commentaries on the issue.

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