Bradford & Bingley may suffer Northern Rock’s fate

Earlier today I highlighted a number of banks that were under severe selling pressure in their respective home markets. This list included Fortis, Macquarie, NCC, Wachovia and CIT. The UK’s Bradford & Bingley is certainly on that list as well.

In fact, the British daily “The Telegraph” is openly speculating whether B&B will be nationalized. Given the drop in confidence of creditors, this a likely outcome. European politicians like Germany’s Peer Steibrueck should avoid schadenfreude as they look at the mess in the U.S. because Europe is next.

Bradford & Bingley’s future looked increasingly uncertain as the City regulator searched for a white knight for the stricken bank.

But there was a growing view among bankers that B&B will be nationalised and knocked together with Northern Rock.

Sources said the Financial Services Authority had stepped up its search for a large bank which could step buy B&B. Alternatively, it may put pressure on the six high street banks which supported B&B’s £400m rights issue in June to form a “lifeboat” to buy it outright.

They were HSBC, Lloyds TSB, HBOS, Barclays, Santander’s Abbey and Royal Bank of Scotland.

One source said: “We could be supportive if a lifeboat is required”. But others said they did not want to buy any more of B&B. This would leave nationalisation as B&B’s only realistic option, sources said.

Such a move would bring stability to the banking sector, according to Tim Sykes, a banking analyst at Execution. “Bradford & Bingley is not viable in its current form. It should be nationalised. At the moment B&B poses a risk to the system but [nationalisation] would sow the seeds of the end of the crisis,” Mr Sykes said.

B&B’s shares closed down 1¼ to 20p. B&B has said funding is in place until into 2009.

Mr Sykes’ comments came after Jonathan Pierce, banks analyst at Credit Suisse, said it was “increasingly untenable” that B&B would survive as an independent entity.

The alternative to nationalisation would be a sale or a “lifeboat” made up of several bigger banks, which would jointly own B&B.

B&B has been downgraded by ratings agencies to one notch above junk. That makes it more difficult to issue preference shares and other instruments, bankers said.

A spokesman for Bradford & Bingley said: “We are fully-funded and we are one of the stongest capitalised banks in the UK.

“As far as the febrile speculation goes, we do not comment on market rumours.”

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Bradford & Bingley nationalisation looks increasingly likely – The Telegraph

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