Times guide to London property

For those of you interested in London property prices, the Times has a good rundown borough by borough in PDF. The Royal Borough tops the list with an average price over £1.4 million followed by Westminster at over £1 million. Why would I pay an average £412,023 to live in Hounslow?

These prices are nuts. Now they’re coming down. The biggest loser was Sutton at -11.5%

  1. Steve says

    Edward, if you’d bothered to look on a map, you’d have found that Chiswick is part of Hounslow borough. That bumps the average up considerably. £412,023 won’t buy much in Chiswick.

  2. Edward Harrison says

    £412,023 won’t buy a lot in Chiswick. A friend of mine sold his flat there probably for around that price 10 years ago.

    But this includes Chiswick too, so the average is still 412K.

    Thanks, Steve.

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