Time to get positive

It’s time to get positive. A good friend of mine from Toronto was telling me today how depressing the drip-drip of bad news regarding the economy, the markets and housing is becoming. The housing bust has been going on for nearly two years and it seems like a drama that has no end.

And as this blog is dedicated to a sober analysis of our financial system and related geopolitical and macro events, it’s not exactly light and cheery. I mean, the blog is called Credit Writedowns for goodness sake.

So, I made a promise to her that I would post at least one positive story every day or a story that offers a solution to our problems collectively and individually as consumers, homeowners, renters, and citizens of the world.

Yes, we have many problems to sort out and I will continue to report on them. But, that does not mean that we have to let events dictate what and how we feel about life.

Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.
Leo Tolstoy

Thanks for the reminder, Christina.

  1. Anonymous says

    hey where is today’s .

    seriously, good luck with that. I guess you can always write a bad one and say “atleast we found the problem, and now we are discussing and solving it”.

  2. Edward Harrison says

    right! it will be interesting to see how this positivity gets woven in there because my role is to uncover the goods and that means being fairly sceptical as much as possible without being cynical.

    I did post on the peak oil problem suggesting as you say, “at least we found the problem, and now we are discussing and solving it”

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