Ed’s Forum: Memorial Day Makeover

Dear Readers,

In honor of Memorial Day and the Bank Holiday in the UK, I have given my blog a bit of a makeover.

  • The look and feel is quite different. Hopefully, you find it easier on the eyes and better for navigation.
  • The title has changed from “Ed’s Forum” to “Credit Writedowns: Ed’s Forum” to reflect the subject matter.
  • I have changed my permanent URL to reflect the subject matter. The old URL was https://www.creditwritedowns.com. The new URL is: www.creditwritedowns.com. Although the old URL forwards to the new one, you may want to change your bookmarks accordingly.
  • Updates to my Credit Crisis Timeline will be highlighted in separate blog entries as well as within the body of the timeline. Many of you felt that would allow you to see new developments easier. The first additions entry comes out Tuesday.
  • The comment section is back after having being off the site for a while. Please do use the comment section after each post in addition to the comments you have been sending me directly by e-mail.
  • I want to remind some readers that you can use the ‘Google search box’ in the nav bar at the top left to do a search through my blog on topics like Spain, the UK, inflation, etc. Some of you asked about that functionality.
  • And finally for you non-techie types, you don’t have to receive updates via RSS feeds anymore, I have added an e-mail only update box in the upper right hand of the sidebar. Just type in your e-mail address and go!

Please e-mail me if there are any changes you don’t particularly like or would like to suggest. And I appreciate any e-mails on other suggestions as well. Thanks for your support.

Happy Memorial Day and Bank Holiday.



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