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It’s All About Spain

I was on CNBC's Power Lunch yesterday talking about European debt markets in the wake of the Irish stress tests. I certainly think the Irish stress tests were a significant event. But the Euro Crisis is really all about Spain.

Japan Will Recover

Our hearts go out to the Japanese because of the human tragedy that resulted from a devastating earthquake and tidal wave. I want to echo Dr. El-Erian's sentiments here. It will difficult and it will have globe-spanning consequences, but…

China as the Bad Guy?

In anticipation of the state visit by Chinese Leader Hu Jintao, I spoke about the pressure on US politicians to do something about the Chinese currency problem with RT America's Alyona Minkovski on the Alyona Show last night. The video is…

In Bullish Mode

I was on BNN this past Friday talking to Howard Green about China, banks and GE. My comments were pretty near-term bullish on the whole regarding Chinese growth, bank dividends, and bank reforms. The longer-term is another issue. Here's…

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