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Some predictions for the rest of the decade

Markets have been crazy this month, but rather than try to wade through all the news, much of which doesn’t seem to have much informational content, I thought I would duck out altogether and instead make a list of things I expect will…

The Euro Endgame

There appear to be no happy outcomes here (although as my friend, Tom Ferguson always reminds me, “If you want to have a happy ending, go see a Disney film”). We appear to be entering most dangerous time for Europe since World War II.

Policymakers fear the Italian penalty shot

The Italian debt markets are a lot calmer this week than they were the week before last because the level of Italian bond yields is now more or less completely guaranteed by the European Central Bank (the ECB). However, Italy’s problem is…

Break the euro zone in two

It is also worth stressing that this solution is far from perfect. We do not live in an ideal world. It is only one possible way of breaking the vicious circle into which the Euro Area countries have now fallen. It is one possible way, and…

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