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ECB: A Shift from Hawkish to Neutral?

BoE holds steady, with markets awaiting the ECB press conference; European stocks firmer. Important speeches from Bernanke and Obama; Bernanke likely to signal potential measures. Brazil swaps and futures market pricing in significant rate…

Stocks: Our Fave W Bottom

After posting the W bottoms on the S&P500 and the Brazil ETF here is our favorite, the Korea ETF (EWY). We learned during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis never to short Korea and never underestimate the resolve of the Korean people.

On The South Korean Bank Levy

Press is reporting that the government may impose a bank levy next year of about 0.1% on what it terms “non-core overseas debt.” It appears that the authorities are getting more serious about addressing the nation’s high short-term debt…

Thoughts On The Two Koreas

by Win Thin The won has been one of the worst performers so far today due to developments in the Korean peninsula.  Clearly, North Korea is trying to make a statement to the West with its recent saber-rattling, and reports of the…

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