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Chart of the day: Japanese Yen

Although off its highs for the day, the Japanese Yen is still looking very strong against every major currency. Earlier, it pushed as high as 92 yen to the dollar. Jim Rogers was on Bloomberg saying it was headed much higher.

Trashing cash

This morning in an e-mail exchange with Marshall Auerback, I questioned why the U.S. Dollar was rising so precipitously. I do understand much of this has to do with a need to refinance dollar-denominated borrowing by international…

Nikkei down 8% at open

This does not bode well.Japan's Nikkei stock average slid more than 8% on Friday after U.S. stocks plummeted on fears about a global recession, while a firm yen added to the pain.In early trade, the benchmark Nikkei had shed 673.72 points…

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