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What is wrong with people?

Warning: This commentary is very DISTURBING - not for the faint of heart. Two days ago, a friend of mine told me via email about a comment on a blog post about whether MBA schools were incubating criminals that was truly disturbing. I…

Smoking Gun at MF Global

Bloomberg News allegedly has an e-mail demonstrating that Jon Corzine, MF Global's CEO, gave “direct instructions” to his underlings to transfer $200 million from one customer account to another account in order to meet an overdraft in one…

Anecdotes of Mortgage Fraud

Appraisers are pursuing class action suits against banks, asserting they were blacklisted if they refused to engage in fraudulent appraisals. The problem is that if they win, they are then subject to suit by homeowners (who are losing their…

Wall Street’s Broken Windows

The troubling paradox is that the strongest proponents of “broken windows” theory and policies in the blue collar crime context are the strongest opponents of applying analogous policies in the elite white collar crime context.

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