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Net Neutrality

By Doug Hornig Today, the Federal Communications Commission acts on so-called “Net Neutrality,” and given the commissioners’ predicted 3-2 party line vote, it would be a shocker if they rejected it. What happens next is anyone’s guess,…

Forecasting the Future

David Galland gives us his views on WikiLeaks, government spending, the Wesley Snipes tax case and more. Plus see Casey Research's interview with Ron Paul on an insider's insights into the situation in Washington today.

End The Fed

A guest post by Matt Stoller, the former Senior Policy Advisor for Rep. Alan Grayson and progressive commentator. Follow him on twitter @matthewstoller. In a cross-post from New Deal 2.0, Stoller outlines why Libertarians, Tea Party…

Thanksgiving Day Links

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. Here are two posts to keep in mind on this day of giving thanks. The Bill Black post is meant for progressives but I think is applicable for all of us. The second post is a reminder that the price…

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