Thanksgiving Day Links

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. Here are two posts to keep in mind on this day of giving thanks. The Bill Black post is meant for progressives but I think is applicable for all of us. The second post is a reminder that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. About this TSA dust-up, some think Americans just need to ‘grow up’. But, in truth, this is the same sort of mentality that led to Mexican repatriations and Japanese internments in the 20th century. Ron Paul said it well: the American people have been too submissive.

P.S. – I am sure the masses can be appeased with some bread and circuses. Skip Black Friday Mobs; Get Great Deals from Your Couch

  • Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Spain May Triple in 2011 – Bloomberg
  • Simon Johnson: Will Ireland Default? –
  • FT Alphaville » Burdensharing then and now
  • BBC News – German minister says full employment ‘possible soon’
  • BBC News – Leaving the euro: how would it work?
  • msnbc tv: MERS – Inside the country’s mortgage mess
  • Chinese inflation and European defaults | Credit Writedowns
  • The Real Story Behind Those "Record" Corporate Profits – Justin Fox – Harvard Business Review
  • Dollar Edges Higher; PBOC Suggests Further Tightening Measures | Credit Writedowns
  • Schemes of the Rich and Greedy |Credit Writedowns
  • / Companies / Banks – Lloyds chief in HBOS appeal over break-up
  • Berlin Efforts to Prevent Iraq Invasion: Classified Papers Prove German Warnings to Bush – SPIEGEL ONLINE
  • Who will buy Ireland’s banks? | Business | The Guardian
  • Belgium joins financial markets’ hit list | World news | The Guardian
  • Are Fast Talkers More Persuasive? – PsyBlog
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