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Caroline Baum

Links: 2009-01-22

As I write this, stock markets in the U.S. are in their final hour of a rather poor session. Selling seems to have been brought on by Microsoft's announcement that it is cutting jobs en masse for the first time ever. If you recall, Fred…

Links: 2008-12-18 – more on ZIRP

Now that the United States has cut its interest rates to Zero and Ben Bernanke has helicopters flying over Wall Street, the question is: what happens next and who's following the Fed to zero? There are a lot of different answers.

Links: 2008-12-17

After yesterdays melt-up on the Fed's decision to go ZIRP and introduce quantitative and qualitative easing, things are a bit calmer today. Here's what I have. Enjoy. Ed

Links: 2008-12-11

The big news today (at least in my mind) is the outsized jobless claims number of 573,000. This number confirms the view that the employment situation is worsening quite rapidly. I think we could see 7.2% unemployment next month given…

Links: 2008-12-05

Snowbound Marshall is doing an admirable job running things while I sun myself in the Bahamas (rubbing it in, eh?). You may remember Marshall from his days as a writer for Prudent Bear. Please do comment on his posts as he will respond in…

News round-up: 19 Nov 2008

Yesterday's big news came at the hearings in Washington D.C. where U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson did his best Donald Rumsfeld imitation, stonewalling Congress despite increasing anger at how the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is…

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