Links: 2008-12-17

After yesterdays melt-up on the Fed’s decision to go ZIRP and introduce quantitative and qualitative easing, things are a bit calmer today. Here’s what I have.


Ed Pickens’s BP Capital Says Equity Fund Withdrawal Rate at 65% European Inflation Rate Declines Most Since 1991 Fed Targeting Zero Isn’t the Same as Doing Zip: Caroline Baum BOE Voted 9-0 for Interest-Rate Cut to 2% in December

naked capitalism: Trepidation About Quantitative Easing, Version 2.0 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Cuts Base Rate to 0.5%

Econbrowser: Quantitative easing

Alea | Lehman and Federal Reserve Assets

By the way, if you are getting this via RSS feed, do try the feed Feedburner has been very squirrelly of late. I am not impressed.

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