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The Oscars are tonight

The link for the list of nominees for the 81st Academy Awards Ceremony is here. Here are my picks: Best Actress - Kate Winslet Best Actor - Mickey Rourke Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actress - Penelope Cruz…

Walter Mossberg: Top 2009 Gadgets

I am a bit of technophile -- so much so my friends call me "Gadget Man." While I have toned down the bad early adopter purchases, I do still love my gadgets. With that in mind, here is Walter Mossberg doing his thing at the Wall Street…

The latest on Glencore

FT Alphaville, one of my favorite blog sites, has the latest on Glencore and its credit default swaps. They are exploding to the downside for firms issuing insurance against Glencore's default. Here's Alphaville's chart:

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