Links: 2014-07-22

The unravelling of the global financial system — Crooked Timber

Putin says other countries must not meddle in Russia’s internal affairs | ForexLive

Flurry – AVC

Russia challenges accusations that Ukraine rebels shot down airliner | Reuters

What’s So Beautiful About Deleveraging? – Bloomberg View

The Benefits of Failing at French –

Chinese Hackers Pursue Key Data on U.S. Workers –

BRICS’ new financial institutions could undermine US-EU global dominance | Al Jazeera America

Yahoo Makes One of Its Biggest Acquisitions Under Marissa Mayer: Flurry

Carlos Slim may be right to call for three-day working week | Business | The Guardian

Espirito Santo International Asks for Protection From Creditors – Bloomberg

Russia vastly outgunned in economic showdown with West – Telegraph

Netflix Passes 50M Subscribers As It Reports Better Than Expected Q2 Revenue Of $1.34B | TechCrunch

A Convicted Hacker and an Internet Icon Join Forces to Thwart NSA Spying | Threat Level | WIRED

Aereo’s in a Catch-22 when it comes to cable, rules are rigged against internet TV

Smartphone suit against Google plays into rivals’ hands | Reuters

Why Sanctions Won’t Upend Russia’s Debt Repayments – Bloomberg

Cuba hopes for more investment as Chinese president arrives | Reuters

China provides $4 billion credit line to Venezuela | Reuters

Meet Executive Order 12333: The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on Americans – The Washington Post

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Better Customer Service

Citi’s Banamex, regulator clash over who played key role in loan fraud | Reuters

Chinese IPOs Begin With a Bang – WSJ

Seoul Moves to Ban Uber, Plans Own App – Korea Real Time – WSJ

China lends Argentina $7.5 billion for power, rail projects | Reuters

Canada to impose further Russia sanctions over Ukraine – Yahoo News

Bundesbank : Deutschlands rasanter Aufschwung verliert an Fahrt – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – DIE WELT

China debt tops 250% of national income –

RT Anchor: If Missile Was Russian, It Shows Why Governments Shouldn’t Give Weapons To Militias

Comparing Road, Bridge Quality by State – Real Time Economics – WSJ


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