Links: 2014-07-17

How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq – Businessweek

Here’s why your Comcast rep is yelling at you | The Verge

Popular Bitcoin Mining Pool Promises To Restrict Its Compute Power To Prevent Feared Fiasco | TechCrunch

Netflix to FCC: reclassify Comcast and Verizon so they can’t choke the internet

As more cheap Android handsets flood the market, Google Play app downloads are rising — Tech News and Analysis

BYOD worries drove Apple-IBM deal — and a huge win for Apple — Tech News and Analysis

Fed’s George: Economy ‘Best Served’ By Fed Raising Rates – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Germany’s Expulsion of CIA Chief and Outrage at Spying Just for Show – TIME

Germany may have won the World Cup, but its economy is cooling fast

Fed chair Janet Yellen: U.S. economy still needs help and some stocks look overvalued | Financial Post

Overheating housing market could tilt economy back into a recession, says Mark Carney – Telegraph

Payday loans: Five hidden costs of capping charges – Telegraph

BBC News – House price inflation hits 10.5%, says ONS

Yahoo Reports Another Decline in Advertising – WSJ

China GDP shows progress on rebalancing – | Greece comfortably beats budget target for first six months of 2014

UPDATE 5-Portugal Telecom loses chunk of Oi merger over unpaid Espirito Santo debt | Reuters

CORRECTED-UPDATE 2-Iran’s Supreme Leader calls for more enrichment capacity | Reuters

British pay growth slows to record low –

Rising employment fails again to boost wages | Business | The Guardian

Asian Nations’ Fears of War Elevated as China Flexes Muscle, Study Finds – WSJ

Sixth BRICS Summit – Fortaleza Declaration

We’re in the third biggest stock bubble in U.S. history – Brett Arends’s ROI – MarketWatch

Kara Swisher: Tech’s Most Powerful Snoop — NYMag

Brave new BRICS a challenge to international system — RT Op-Edge

Insider Perspective: Seven Reasons Why Korea Has the Worst Productivity in the OECD | BusinessKorea

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