Links: 2014-07-09

Today’s links will have a double allocation since I was unable to post yesterday.

Block 1

Halifax: UK house prices show little sign of slowing down – Telegraph

Chinese Buyers Scooped Up $22 Billion Worth of U.S. Homes In the Last Year – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Juncker says age of austerity not over – budget discipline needed –

Uber Faces Challenges in NY With Lyft Debut, Price Caps – Bloomberg

Investors’ hunt for yield builds up global debt levels | South China Morning Post

No softer European budget spending rules: Dijsselbloem –

Mark Roe cites three factors behind the huge penalty imposed on BNP Paribas. – Project Syndicate

More U.S. companies doing deals to avoid U.S. taxes: Congress study | Reuters

ECB under pressure to tackle ‘crazy’ euro –

Hey, U.S., Why Not Beat Up Your Own Banks? – Bloomberg View

Google rates Internet service providers’ video streaming quality | Reuters

The Ex-Google Hacker Taking on the World’s Spy Agencies | Threat Level | WIRED

US military studies how to influence Twitter users in Darpa-funded research | World news |

Welcome to the Everything Boom, or Maybe the Everything Bubble –

California Cities Crack Down on Water Use Amid Drought – WSJ

Mikhail Gorbachev urges the international community to get serious about governing cross-border riparian flows. – Project Syndicate

Block 2

UK manufacturing output declines in May – Telegraph

Swiss banks threaten freeze on US accounts over tax evasion –

Kenneth Rogoff is convinced that economic recovery will require some form of debt restructuring or rescheduling. – Project Syndicate

Seeking yield pick-up in God | Capital City | IFRe

Samsung Sees Phone Rebound After Earnings Miss Estimates – Bloomberg

Skills shortage and housing bubble have arrived very early in the economic cycle | Business | The Guardian

Box’s Q1 Revenue Nearly Doubles As Its Losses Expand A More Modest 13% | TechCrunch

Compromise Will Shape The Wearables Market | TechCrunch

Study Shows that 10,000 Hours of Practice Isn’t the Magic Number

Exclusive: CIA had role in Germany spy affair | Reuters

End to China’s property boom has barely begun – | Ifo’s Sinn urges debt writedown to end southern Europe’s crisis

Gartner: Device Shipments Break 2.4B Units In 2014, Tablets To Overtake PC Sales In 2015 | TechCrunch

How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business at Will | Business | WIRED

Why Hasn’t the Yen Depreciation Spurred Japanese Exports? | Liberty Street Economics

The NSA may have another leaker on its hands – Quartz

Keynesian Yellen versus Wicksellian BIS | Gavyn Davies

Interview with NSA Experts on US Spying in Germany – SPIEGEL ONLINE

In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are – The Washington Post

BBC News – German industrial production sees surprise drop in May

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