Links: 2014-07-02

Spain on road to economic recovery amid rise in emigration | Business | The Guardian

Jamaica prints lowest coupon in milestone market return | Capital City | IFRe

Household incomes ‘at 2001-02 levels’ | Business | The Guardian

US Marshals Have Sold 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins | TechCrunch

UK manufacturing activity growing at fastest rate ‘for a generation’ – Telegraph

U.S. manufacturing expands in June at fastest rate in over four years: Markit | Reuters

Grocery prices rising at slowest pace for eight years – Telegraph

Global manufacturing activity accelerated in June: PMI | Reuters

Moody’s Cuts Puerto Rico Rating Three Notches – WSJ

BBC News – What do you do with millions of extra graduates?

German Unemployment Unexpectedly Rises for Second Month – Businessweek

U.S. Census Bureau Shows More People Living in Poverty Areas – TIME

Minimumloon kost Duitse bedrijven 9,6 miljard euro – De Standaard

FBI, CIA Join NSA In “Backdoor” Searches On Americans | TechCrunch

UberX Wages War On Bay Area Taxis With 25% Price Cut | TechCrunch

BBC News – Dropbox and the failures behind it

Japan Corporate Sentiment Worsens after Tax Rise – WSJ

China factory activity hits multi-month highs, economy steadying | Reuters

Stumbling and Mumbling: Fiscal idiotarianism

Americans Losing Confidence in All Branches of U.S. Gov’t

Osteuropa : Bulgariens politisches System ist ein Kartenhaus – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – DIE WELT

“Amazon Was a Prison,” Says Former Worker | Re/code

Umfrage : Die Deutschen sind happy wie schon lange nicht mehr – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – DIE WELT

Cheaper mobile phone bills for EU roamers –

Immobilier : le marché se bloque, les prix s’effritent

EU Backs State Aid for Bulgarian Banks as Lender Targeted – Bloomberg

California governor signs bill legalizing Bitcoin, other digital currencies – CNET


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