News: 2014-06-26

The Father of Net Neutrality Returns to Do Battle With Comcast | Enterprise | WIRED

What Everyone Gets Wrong in the Debate Over Net Neutrality | Enterprise | WIRED

Bank Regulator OCC Details Crazy Risk-Taking, Blames Fed

US high-yield bond market on fire | Capital City | IFRe

The Aereo Ruling – AVC

The supreme court’s Aereo effect might evaporate Silicon Valley’s cloud | Julian Sanchez | Comment is free |

Supreme Court Bans Aereo – Business Insider

Supreme Court Says Cellphones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant –

China’s Growing Hegemonic Bent | The Diplomat

Google Announces Android Auto, Promises Enabled Cars By The End Of 2014 | TechCrunch

BBC News – African firm is selling pepper-spray bullet firing drones

Only 86 homes for sale in London are affordable, report finds – Telegraph

Closer Look: Why Jack Ma and Alibaba Wound up Listing in New York

Reflections on a Post-Coup Thailand | The Diplomat

Security Researchers Uncover The Tools Governments Use To Spy On Our Phones | TechCrunch

Hospital Networks Are Leaking Data, Leaving Critical Devices Vulnerable | Threat Level | WIRED

The Pitfalls to China’s Mideast Policy | The Diplomat

The United States Has Unfinished Business in Ukraine and Iraq | Stratfor

The US Should Celebrate Its Decline | The Diplomat

China Pulling the Plug on Foreign Mainframes

Detroit begins cutting off water to 150,000 residents, prompting appeal to United Nations for help

Rebalancing China’s Economy? Fuhgeddaboudit – Real Time Economics – WSJ

The fragile five: back again? – beyondbrics – Blogs –

Weekly Obama Job Approval Dips to 41%, Near Personal Low

Syrian Warplanes Strike Western Iraq, Killing at Least 50 People – WSJ


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