News: 2014-06-16

30 links today with a lot on debt, especially US household debt

The Downside of Low Interest Rates: Reluctant Home Sellers – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Coppola Comment: How a Danish king ruined some hopeful research

Will Yellen follow Carney’s hawkish surprise? | Gavyn Davies

China Surpasses U.S. as Largest Corporate Debt Issuer –

Level 3 to Buy TW Telecom for $5.7 Billion –

The single most important fact about American politics – Vox

Iraq’s civil war threatens structure of global energy supply for years – Telegraph

Subprime Lending Drives Spending | House of Debt

Debt, stress, uncertainty: is Gen-X the unluckiest generation ever? –

US petroleum production hits 44-year high –

Ukraine says enough gas in storage to meet needs until December | Reuters

Video: Russia suspends Ukraine gas supplies as talks fail – Telegraph

Remember the Problems With Mortgage Defaults? They’re Coming Back With Student Loans –

Tesla Making Patents ‘Open Source’ to Boost Electric Cars – Bloomberg

SEC commissioner calls on US regulators to end turf wars –

A Big Win For The Patent Reform Movement – AVC

PIMCO | – Just Give Me a Framework

EU Probes Tax Affairs of Apple, Starbucks – WSJ

IMF sounds global housing alarm –

Rising Household Debt: Increasing Demand or Increasing Supply? | The Big Picture

James Freeman: The Soul of a Hedge Fund ‘Machine’ – WSJ

Amazon launches streaming music for Prime members – but not in Canada | Toronto Star

Fed Prepares to Maintain Record Balance Sheet for Years – Bloomberg

Wall Street’s virus has infected your college debt, and Obama’s doing zero | Heidi Moore | Comment is free |

Obama popularity sinks to all-time low | TheHill

The slow demise of the frequent flyer program – The Washington Post

Student Loan Servicer Corruption Rewarded, Covered For in New Round of Obama Executive Actions | naked capitalism

The growth of US student loan debt: causes and consequences | FT Alphaville

Hatzius Says Economy Is Growing At Above-Trend Rate – Business Insider

On the ‘end’ of volatility | Capital City | IFRe

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