News: 2014-06-09

Because of the lack of links on Friday, I have 10 more than usual today.

BBC News – Japan growth data revised upwards

Time to end use of commodities for credit in China | South China Morning Post

Why employers prefer retirees who don’t need to work: Mayers | Toronto Star

Larry Summers’ Contradictory and Dishonest Defense of Administration’s Bank-Focused Crisis Response | naked capitalism

Russian Companies Plan to Denominate More Trade in Renminbi | naked capitalism

Corporate gnomes become kings of the cash mountain –

U.S. sending advisers, gear to Ukraine

The Biggest Policy Mistake of the Great Recession | The Fiscal Times

Commentary: Uber’s $18.2B Valuation Is a Head Scratcher – Digits – WSJ

Apple looks to boost iPhone sales in stores with new pre-paid & month-to-month plans

Guess what: Some people are on Amazon’s side in Amazon vs. Hachette

Can This Little Orange Box Beat the NSA? – Digits – WSJ

America prosecutes its interests and persecutes BNP –

This Time, Russia-China Alliance Will Last – Bloomberg View

America’s telecommunications companies want fewer data protection rules | PandoDaily

The Great Credit Mistake by Adair Turner – Project Syndicate

What Should the US Do About Closer Sino-Russian Ties? | The Diplomat

Russian public opinion turns sharply against US and Europe –

It’s The Security, Stupid! | TechCrunch

Marc Andreessen on Edward Snowden, acts of treason, mass surveillance and Silicon Valley

Why Negative Rates Won’t Work In The Eurozone – Forbes

Conflicting accounts in heightened eastern Ukraine fighting –

The nagging fear that QE itself may be causing deflation – Telegraph

ECB cuts won’t fix economy, but they will anger Germany – Marsh on Monday – MarketWatch

Japan’s Population Problem in Five Charts – Japan Real Time – WSJ

Second Open SSL flaw discovered –

BBC News – Verizon accuses Netflix of misleading consumers

In Portugal, Deflation More Than Just a Threat – WSJ

Super Mario’s ‘big bang’ is a bold move but it may not be enough –

China’s Shopping-Mall Spree Could Prove Costly – WSJ

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