News: 2014-05-27

Recently I have been giving 20 headlines for links. Since I have not done links for a number of days, I am doing 30 today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review | The Verge

Apple reportedly will pay ISPs for direct network connections | Ars Technica

Google Fiber teams up with Netflix in fight against Comcast's internet tolls | The Verge

How AstraZeneca escaped Pfizer’s clutches this time | Reuters

The Latest Billionaire Who Could Save Ukraine – Bloomberg View

Investor Talk on Uber’s Valuation Hits as High as $17 Billion – Digits – WSJ

The Deal’s Done. But Not the Fees. –

As Publishers Fight Amazon, Books Vanish –

Measuring Wealth Inequality | House of Debt

Russia’s biggest concern over Ukraine is it joins NATO-Putin | Reuters

Geithner’s Stress Test Failure – Bloomberg View

Calculated Risk: Goldman’s Hatzius: Rationale for Economic Acceleration Is Intact

Piketty findings undercut by errors –

Piketty response to FT data concerns | Money Supply

Hungary Considers Limits on Household Borrowing –

Bundled debt demand reaching levels of height of crisis –

Economists Blame March’s Canada Retail Swoon on the Cold – Canada Real Time – WSJ

Marc Andreessen: In 20 years, we’ll talk about Bitcoin like we talk about the Internet today

Fitch Upgrades Greece’s Rating –

Existing Home Sales Rise for First Time This Year –

Investors Push Up Shares, Defying Tech Market Slump –

How Timothy Geithner failed his stress test | Al Jazeera America

U.S. companies see smaller lift from stock buybacks | Reuters

Tim Geithner’s Stress Test: the bankers’ saviour meets America | Money |

Sun Sets on California’s Shale Ambitions – MoneyBeat – WSJ

Rent or Buy? The Math Is Changing –

Student Loan Debt and Its Effect on the Housing Market Recovery | Institutional Investor

Larry Summers: Student Debt Is Slowing the U.S. Housing Recovery – Real Time Economics – WSJ

About that Deutsche Bank capital… | FT Alphaville

Finland and Netherlands display problems at core of eurozone –

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