News: 2014-04-28 | Draghi awaits pivotal price data after backing rate cuts to QE

Gazprom : Wie Putins Gasriese seine dunkle Seite versteckt – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – Energie – DIE WELT

Bitcoin Exchange Halts Customer Deposits Tied to China Merchants Bank –

Obama announces new U.S. sanctions on Russia over Ukraine | Reuters

Rovio Profit Falls by More Than Half –

Average U.S. Retirement Age Rises to 62

Frustrations of the Heterodox –

Australia’s PM Makes Pitch For Budget Cuts – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Krugman’s gadget interpretation of economics | LARS P. SYLL

Getting the Story Wrong | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

EconoMonitor : Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Spain: The Land Where Incipient Deflation Becomes Good News For Headline GDP

Venezuela rails at ‘economic war’ as inflation worsens – beyondbrics – Blogs –

Why Krugman needs a new school of thought | Business Spectator

Slovakia reaches deal to ship limited gas volumes to Ukraine | Reuters

New Vulnerability Hits Internet Explorer, and It’s Serious | Re/code

Why I disagree with Martin Wolf and Positive Money – PRIME ECONOMICS

Strip private banks of their power to create money –

BofA Facing More Than $13 Billion Demand in U.S. Mortgage Probe – Bloomberg

China Loosens Currency Controls for Multinationals –

Amazon Slumps as Increased Spending Limits Profit Growth – Bloomberg

Pandora Media faces music of slower sales forecast –

Russian Rate Increase Follows Rating Cut as Ukraine Crisis Deepens –

Germany Debates Tax Cuts Amid Rapid Rise in Revenue –

China’s crisis is coming; the only question is how big it will be –

How We Read a NYTimes Story on Drone Strikes in Yemen | Just Security

G7 agrees to impose swift sanctions against Kremlin over Ukraine – The Globe and Mail

BBC News – Ukraine crisis: War of words offers little hope

Ukraine chopper crashes; pro-Russian separatists claim responsibility –

G-7 Leaders Agree to Act on Russia as OSCE Monitors Held – Bloomberg

Real estate bidding wars heating up in Toronto – Toronto – CBC News

The Metamorphosis of the Bond Bears | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Bubble deniers — now and then | LARS P. SYLL

Bitcoin’s Promise Goes Far Beyond Payments – Tiffany Wan , and Max Hoblitzell – Harvard Business Review

Capital in the Twenty-First Century – YouTube

Russia cancels bond auction for third week running | Capital City | IFRe

Bailout exit beckons for Portugal after record bond sale | Capital City | IFRe

OpenSSL code beyond repair, claims creator of “LibreSSL” fork | Ars Technica

iPhones and Macs get fix for extremely critical “triple handshake” crypto bug | Ars Technica

Tech giants, chastened by Heartbleed, finally agree to fund OpenSSL | Ars Technica

F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad –

FBI knew of zero-day attack on websites, let hackers use it | Ars Technica

Where Are All the Homebuyers? – Bloomberg View

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