News: 2014-04-25

Pourquoi le livre de Piketty est-il un succès aux Etats-Unis ?

Spaanse economie kent sterkste groei in zes jaar – De Standaard

Venezuelan Economy Slows Sharply –

BBC News – Tokyo consumer price growth at 22-year high

Why Willem Buiter believes Japan’s economy is unsustainable – QFINANCE

Demand for Home Loans Plunges –

Standard & Poor’s Lifts Rating on Cyprus –

Standard and Poors rebaja a ‘BBB-’ la calificación de Rusia | Economia | EL PAIS

La firma de hipotecas cae en febrero un 33% y suma 46 meses a la baja

Canada leading ranks of shrinking middle class

Canada’s middle class is doing well? It’s not so simple. | Toronto Star

Four Seasons soars to new heights of ‘extreme luxury’ with private jet | Toronto Star

Justice Dept. Seeks Mortgage Deal With Bank of America – –

Au Contrarian: The Shoe Dropped. What’s Next?

Marc to Market: What is Mrs Watanabe Buying Now?

Marc to Market: The Importance of Greece

Buffett: Market Not ‘Frothy’ – Crossing Wall Street

Calculated Risk: Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims at 329,000

Einhorn’s Premature Bubble Call – Bloomberg View

Marc to Market: Denmark Abandons Negative Rate Experiment to Support Krone

I’m Shocked, Shocked!

The FCC’s “fast lane” rule is awful for the Internet—just ask the FCC | Ars Technica

FCC to Propose New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules –

Ukraine foreign minister: Ready to fight Russia – The Washington Post

Japan CPI Rises Less Than Expected –

Sober Look: Weak US household formation pressuring housing markets

Sober Look: Japan’s inflation rate has stalled as impact of yen depreciation wanes

Apple, Google will pay 64,000 engineers to avoid trial on “no-poach” deal | Ars Technica

Kerry Lays Out Case Against Russia As U.S. Readies New Sanctions

Durable-Goods Orders Rise 2.6% –

Ukraine forces kill up to five rebels; Russia starts drill near border | Reuters

District of Columbia the Nation’s Most Expensive Place to Live – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Housing Won’t Save the U.S. Economy | House of Debt

Why Home Price Gains Aren’t Lifting the Economy – Real Time Economics – WSJ

U.S. labor force dropouts want back in: Saft | James Saft

CLSA’s Mike Mayo goes full circle on Citi view | South China Morning Post

As Trading Hurts JPMorgan, Auto Loans Aid Wells Fargo –

Banks return to risky business: lax standards and subprime loans | Money |

Amazon, in Threat to UPS, Tries Its Own Deliveries –

Alibaba Plan Puts IPO Record in Sight –

How Underpaid German Workers Helped Cause Europe’s Debt Crisis –

The Housing Market Is Still Holding Back the Economy. Here’s Why. –

Apple Needs To Be Aggressive – Business Insider

4 metrics reveal California’s true housing market | 2014-04-23 | HousingWire

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