News: 2014-01-14


GPS and smartphone car technology raises questions about drivers’ privacy | Business |

What Secrets Your Phone Is Sharing About You –

Beats Music: the streaming music service from Dr. Dre, Trent Reznor and Jimmy Iovine | The Verge

Apple to relaunch 8GB version of iPhone 4 in India as sales lag – The Economic Times

Chewbacca actor tweets awesome collection of behind-the-scenes ‘Star Wars’ shots | The Verge

Netflix scores first Golden Globe win with Robin Wright in ‘House of Cards’ | The Verge

Canada’s foreign intelligence agency admits it may ‘incidentally’ spy on its own citizens | The Verge

Schneier on Security: How the NSA Threatens National Security

I Spent Two Hours Talking With NSA’s Big Wigs. Here’s What’s Got Them Mad | Threat Level |

App Monetization To Get Tougher Still, With Gartner Predicting 94.5% Of Downloads Will Be Free By 2017 | TechCrunch

How to keep strangers out of your Gmail and your face out of Google ads

Google to acquire Nest for $3.2 billion in cash

Who Gets Rich From Google Buying Nest? Kleiner Returns 20X On $20M, Shasta Nets ~$200M | TechCrunch

Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell explains why he teamed up with Google: it’s about infrastructure

Charter Makes $61.3 Billion Offer to Acquire Time Warner Cable – Bloomberg

EXCLUSIVE: Galaxy S5 specs confirmed, Galaxy S5 mini and S5 Zoom also in the pipeline | SamMobile

T-Mobile Hasn’t Incited a Price War…Yet – Rafi Mohammed – Harvard Business Review

Sprint Kills Its “One Up” Early Upgrade Program After Only 4 Months, Suggests You Join A Framily Instead


North America

Lockhart Greenlights Tapering – Tim Duy’s Fed Watch

Fed’s Lockhart gives cautious backing to more QE cuts | Reuters

Fed’s Lockhart: Taper Will Continue if Recovery Continues – Real Time Economics – WSJ

“Mr. Lockhart, who is often viewed as a centrist among central bankers and a bellwether for the likely path of monetary policy, reminded an audience at a speech in Atlanta that the Fed is not on a preset path, saying the Fed “will assess how things are going, economically speaking, at each meeting, and decide on the next step.””

Janet Yellen, Stanley Fischer a Fed ‘Dream Team,’ Pimco’s El-Erian says –

Inflation, strangely low, holds key to 2014 Fed policy | Reuters

Auto industry gears up for another record sales year, but raises flags on long-term financing | Financial Post

Repurposing America’s cities | MuniLand

Geo-Graphics » Which Fed Guidance Should We Believe?

U.S. posts record December budget surplus | Reuters

Target CEO defends 4-day wait to disclose massive data hack

Target Pretends Losses From Hackers Don’t Count – Bloomberg

US protectionism, or what happens when there’s too much of a good thing | FT Alphaville

Hillary Clinton: Aides Kept 2008 Enemies List |



Boost for Greek bonds –

Electricite de France Sells 100-Year Bonds –

Gross misunderstanding | Capital City | IFRe

Bitcoin bubble won’t last without Beijing’s approval | South China Morning Post

Bitcoin 2014 – Top 10 predictions

A VC: Bitcoin – Getting Past Store Of Value and Currency

U.S. money funds put $72 billion into Fed’s reverse repos: J.P. Morgan | Reuters

Hedge Fund Capital Greenwich Borrows Most in 358 Years – Bloomberg

Amid a Languid Year for Hedge Funds, Some Stand Out – MoneyBeat – WSJ



Support for Labour shrinks as faith in recovery grows, ICM poll finds | Politics |

Dude, where’s my North Sea oil money? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Comment is free | The Guardian

Ohio inmate set to be executed using untried lethal injection method | World news |

BBC News – What UK debts are Scotland’s?

Caution urged as Spain’s economy starts to emerge from the gloom –

“Last month, the number of registered jobless in Spain fell 108,000, one of the sharpest December falls on record, and the third monthly decline in a row in registered jobless numbers.”

Paul Krugman’s warning to Sweden: ‘You have a significant housing bubble’

Swedes Snapping Up Apartments for Tightest Supply Since 2008 – Bloomberg

London house prices linked to political uncertainty overseas | Money | The Guardian

BBC News – German brewers fined 106.5m euros for price-fixing

Deflation in Europe: On the road to double-dipped recession or deflation? | The Economist

Success, European Style –


Emerging Markets

Resource nationalism alive and well as Indonesia bans key metal exports – Telegraph



Keynes’ principal objection to econometrics | LARS P. SYLL

Why We Need A Minimum Wage – Forbes

“The real reason why we need a minimum wage has nothing to do with the welfare of workers or the availability of jobs. Welfare is adequately ensured by in-work benefits, and the State is perfectly happy to create the illusion of employment in order to please voters. No, the minimum wage is necessary to protect taxpayers from the rational desire of firms to get something for nothing.”


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