News: 2014-01-11

North America

US subprime car loans return with a bang

Lacker: Fed Still Likely to Consider Another Cut in Bond Buys at January Meeting – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Fed’s Bullard Sees U.S. Economy Growing 3.2% This Year – Real Time Economics – WSJ

“We think that today’s labor force participation rate is about right given, observed demographic trends”

Inflation the ‘wildcard’ this year: U.S. Fed’s Bullard

Report: Suicide rate spikes among young veterans – Stripes – Independent U.S. military news from Iraq, Afghanistan and bases worldwide

Calculated Risk: Comments on the Disappointing Employment Report

The Zombie Confidence Fairy –

Fischer Seen Bringing Crisis-Fighting Skills to No. 2 Fed Post – Bloomberg

U.S. Fed nominee Fischer taught Bernanke, fought crises | Reuters



EU Leadership Approval at Record Low in Spain, Greece | Bailout measures have been worth 31 pct of GDP

BBC News – Greece’s million unpaid workers

Head of Greek bank rescue fund charged

Spain Bonds Gain With Peripheral Debt as Confidence Rises – Bloomberg

Eurozone sovereign convergence redux? | FT Alphaville

The Scandinavian Housing Bubble | LARS P. SYLL

Fifty calls a day about unpaid wages | Cyprus Mail



I’ve Been Using Tags All Wrong

Google Maps Mistakenly Labels Berlin Square After Hitler | TechCrunch

Overstock CEO says company made $130,000 in first day of Bitcoin sales | The Verge

Coinye responds to Kanye complaint, says currency now based on ‘half-man half-fish hybrid’ | The Verge

Yahoo malware turned European computers into bitcoin slaves | Technology |

Supreme Court to hear Aereo case, which could define future of internet TV

Gmail change lets Google+ contacts email you by default | CNET UK

How tracking customers in-store will soon be the norm | Technology |

Target says data breach affected up to 70 million customers | Reuters



Gary Shilling’s top 10 investments ideas for 2014 | Financial Post

James Grant on Irving Fisher and the Great Depression | Uneasy Money

Book Review: ‘Fortune Tellers’ by Walter Friedman –

Fed Funds Target Rate History (Historical)

‘Junk’ Loans Pick Up the Slack –

“Wall Street revenue from corporate debt underwriting surged 15% to a record $41 billion in 2013, data tracker Dealogic said. The largest gain from a year ago came in so-called leveraged loans, a business that was hit hard during the financial crisis. Issuance hit $605 billion in 2013, eclipsing the previous record of $535 billion in 2007, according to Standard & Poor’s LCD.”

Bruegel | Monetary policy cannot solve secular stagnation

Why DSGE is such a spectacularly useless waste of time | LARS P. SYLL


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