Links: 2014-01-30

This is an addendum to this mornings news links.

Most See Inequality Growing, but Partisans Differ over Solutions | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

The Behavioral Psychology of Netflix’s Plan to Charge Higher Prices – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic

Emerging markets beyond Turkey face stormy skies –

Facebook’s Record-Setting Q4 Earnings in Charts

Facebook Officially A Mobile Ad Firm With 53% Of Ad Revenue Now Coming From Its 945M Mobile Users | TechCrunch

Emerging-Market Slide Tests How Much Nations Learned From Past –

Rate Gambit Raises Stakes for Turkish Central Banker –

As Currencies Fall, Leaders Cast Blame Abroad –

“”The speculative behavior of many businessmen and merchants in Argentina is antipatriotic and shameful,” said Jorge Capitanich, President Cristina Kirchner’s cabinet chief, Wednesday. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meantime, has vowed to “choke” market speculators. With the lira plunging, the leader blamed the “interest-rate lobby”—an alleged conspiracy of bankers and foreign media that he says seeks to stoke political and economic turmoil in Turkey.”

WRAPUP-Cheaper crude on Gulf Coast helps U.S. refiners’ profits | Reuters

Are Australia’s banks too big to fail? | Business |

Apple’s Next Big Thing Could Be Allowing You to Easily Pay for Stuff |

Amazon Wants To Include Peer-to-Peer Payments In Its “Real World” PayPal Competitor | TechCrunch

Millionaire asked ex-wife to stay on as housekeeper – Telegraph

Amazon to Offer Kindle Checkout System to Physical Retailers –

Inflation Puts Tightening on Bank of Mexico Agenda – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Angela Merkel warns US over surveillance in first speech of third term | World news |

Spain’s banks reap billions from sovereign bond holdings –

South Africa rand tumbles after rate rise –

Angela Merkel warns on EU benefit migration –

Impact of Turkey Rate Decision Fades Fast –

China manufacturing index at six-month low, says HSBC | South China Morning Post

Google retains Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group | Android and Me

After Google Pressure, Samsung Will Dial Back Android Tweaks, Homegrown Apps | Re/code

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince: War on Terror Has Become Too Big – The Daily Beast

Why Emerging Markets Are Tanking – Business Insider

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