News: 2013-12-18


La morosidad bancaria llega al 13% y marca un nuevo récord histórico | Economía | EL PAÍS

Bad debt has now reached a new high of 13% of credit outstanding in Spain 

OECD urges Spain to do more labor market reforms | Reuters

UK unemployment rate slips to four-and-a-half year low of 7.4% | Business |

More than £1bn wiped off the value of leading retailers over Christmas fears – Telegraph

Bailout moves Ukraine closer to Moscow – | House prices have fallen 37.6 percent

German Parliament Votes Chancellor Merkel into Third Term – SPIEGEL ONLINE

“No chancellor has ever received as many votes by parliament”

Swedish, Hungarian Central Banks Cut Interest Rates –

Riksbank Reduces Rates as Disinflation Hurts Credibility – Bloomberg



Equity bulls trust in the Fed, not the economy –



Why the reissue of my book criticising GDP is depressing news | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

So hoch ist die Steuerbelastung in den OECD-Ländern – News Wirtschaft: Konjunktur –

This article in German shows us the tax levels globally


North America

Stanley Fischer actually agrees with the Fed about forward guidance | FT Alphaville

Can Yellen’s Fed sidestep lurking monsters? –

JP Morgan bans multi-dealer online chat rooms: source | Reuters

J.P. Morgan Sued for Alleged Misconduct in Credit-Card Collections –

The Minimum Wage and McDonald’s Welfare – Bloomberg



China bans new Bitcoin deposits –

How Real is China’s Growth? GDP Alternative Sheds Light – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Bitcoins tumble in value on China clampdown – Telegraph

Yen Drops After Record Trade Gap; Dollar Steady on Fed Outlook – Bloomberg

Why Abenomics will disappoint –



BBC News – Brazil World Cup 2014: Builders strike at Amazon stadium



Cloudflare pledges to double SSL usage on the web in 2014 | The Verge

AT&T signs unprecedented LTE roaming agreement with EE in the UK

Apple: Beyonce breaks iTunes Store record w/ 828,773 albums sold in 3 days | 9to5Mac

Amazon warehouses in Kenosha, Wis.: The new factories.

Facebook introduces video adverts –

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