News: 2013-12-17


Dollar 1% From 5-Year High Versus Yen on Taper Bets; Krona Falls – Bloomberg

Hussman Funds – Weekly Market Comment: The Coming Retreat in Corporate Earnings – December 16, 2013

Am I Too Bullish? – Bloomberg

Apple to IBM Push Buyback to Record Trading – Bloomberg

Stories From 1999 Joe Fahmy The Next Big Move Joe Fahmy The Next Big Move

Fed Taper Message Succeeds With Bonds Adjusting to Economic Data – Bloomberg

TIPS Wipeout Signals Fed Losing Fight Against U.S. Disinflation – Bloomberg



Fresh recession risk in France threatens political crisis – Telegraph

Mercedes to boost production to more than 1.49 million cars in 2013 | Reuters

Schaeuble to Remain Finance Minister in German Cabinet – Bloomberg

Schäublefreude revisited | The Guardian

Sylvester Eijffinger and Edin Mujagic warn that the recent downgrade of the Netherlands’ credit rating could mean that Germany will be next. – Project Syndicate

Spanish Home Prices Register First Quarterly Gain Since 2010 – Bloomberg

Slovenia to pay banks for bad loans with short-term bonds | Reuters | One in five Greek households cannot cover needs



SEC seeks $1.1 million-plus from ex-Goldman VP Tourre | Reuters

SEC Asks Ex-Goldman Trader to Pay More Than $1 Million –

Secret Inside BofA Office of CEO Stymied Needy Homeowners – Bloomberg


North America

Most Autos on U.S. Lots Since ’05 Has Ford Leading Cuts – Bloomberg

Industrial Prodcution Hits All-Time High Crossing Wall Street

Industrial output posts largest gain in a year | Reuters

Productivity rises by most in nearly four years | Reuters

U.S. May Reach Records For Crude Oil Production by 2016 –

Budget Deal Opens up Parts of Gulf of Mexico for Drilling

EconoMonitor : EconoMonitor » Mexico Readies to Join North American Oil Boom

North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly – Bloomberg

Large Retailers Through September Had Best Year Since 2010 – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Canadian Housing Prices: Some More Data to Ponder

Toronto housing prices to double over next 25 years, study predicts | Financial Post


Emerging Markets/Asia

China Luxury Spending Grows at Slowest Pace Since 2000 – Bloomberg

China manufacturing PMI slows but recovering trend holds – Telegraph

Venezuela to Devalue Bolivar by Late March, Survey Says – Bloomberg

Australia reveals deepening budget shortfall –

BBC News – Australia: Budget deficit may last a decade



It’s Not OK That Your Employees Can’t Afford to Eat – Peter Cappelli – Harvard Business Review

Oh my, Paul Krugman edition | Business Spectator

“Debt was rising by around 2 per cent of GDP annually; that’s not going to happen in future, which a naïve calculation suggests means a reduction in demand, other things equal, of around 2 percent of GDP.””

Hey, Economists: People Are Complicated – Bloomberg



New Beyoncé album smashes iTunes record –

New Antitrust Chill for Google – Canada Real Time – WSJ

U.S. Worker Productivity Picks Up –

The Internet is unhappy with 60 Minutes’ NSA piece — Tech News and Analysis

Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here’s How They Did It | Wired Opinion |

Amazon’s German workers set to go on strike | Reuters

BBC News – Amazon workers strike in Germany over pay


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