News: 2013-12-06


Private equity transaction fees are like ‘crack cocaine’

U.S. judge weighs penalties after Bank of America fraud verdict | Reuters

LA sues Citi, Wells Fargo over discriminatory mortgage lending | Reuters

Deal Economy: Yale’s Roach Says Fed’ Fighting Wrong Battle – TheStreet

De-risk while the price is wrong | Business Spectator



French central bank warns against using bitcoin – Telegraph

There’s nothing new under the sun, including Bitcoin | FT Alphaville

Bitcoin endorsed by Wall Street strategist | Technology |



Stressed out about deflation | FT Alphaville

Is QE deflationary or not? | FT Alphaville

How and why the Fed props up rates | FT Alphaville

Two Regional Fed Presidents Call for Timetable for Tapering QE – Bloomberg



Is Marissa Mayer Helping Yahoo—or Hurting the Struggling Tech Giant? | Vanity Fair

How delivery drones could transform the world –

‘Double Irish’ limits Facebook’s tax bill to €1.9m in Ireland –

Sweden has been spying on Russian leaders for the NSA, Snowden documents show — Tech News and Analysis

AnandTech | Google Nexus 5 Review

ATandT takes on T-Mobile with new contract-free plan pricing — Tech News and Analysis

Job Review Site Glassdoor Hints at IPO Aspirations While Raising $50M – Liz Gannes – News – AllThingsD

How To Get A Price Match From Amazon – Business Insider

Who Is The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? One Researcher May Have Found The Answer | TechCrunch

Google now allows you to download Gmail and Calendar data

House votes 325-91 to pass Innovation Act, first anti-patent-troll bill | Ars Technica

Spotify Will Launch Limited Free Mobile Access At Dec 11th Event, Source Confirms | TechCrunch



Car sales rise for 21st month in a row – Telegraph

House prices across the UK are rising at nearly ten times average earnings – Telegraph

Economic recovery is based on repeating the sins of the past | UK news | The Guardian



BBC News – Germany raises growth forecasts

Daniel Gros argues that the growing crticism of Germany’s external surplus is misplaced. – Project Syndicate


North America

Bargain-hunting dents U.S. retailers’ November sales | Reuters

Retailers Post Weak November Sales –

Poverty wages in the land of plenty | Amy Goodman | Comment is free |

BBC News – US fast-food workers stage nationwide strike



As workforce shrinks, Korea struggles to embrace immigration | Reuters

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