Links: 2013-07-06

On Monday, I will be back to full strength. I look forward to writing!


Sorry for not having translations to the foreign-language articles prepared.


China, Switzerland sign free trade agreement | Reuters

Switzerland Will Join Race to Be Trading Hub for China’s Yuan – Bloomberg

Food Prices Linked to Obesity Rates – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Android ‘Master Key’ Security Hole Puts 99% Of Devices At Risk Of Exploitation | TechCrunch

European PRISM anger gains momentum with fresh cloud warnings and data threats — Tech News and Analysis

The Snowden Effect by Ana Palacio – Project Syndicate

Ecuador says it found a hidden microphone at its London embassy | Reuters

Bank of England surprise statement sends sterling tumbling | Business |

France has its own PRISM-like surveillance program, report suggests — Tech News and Analysis

Schneier on Security: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Defends NSA Surveillance Programs

With Android Revamp, Skype Aims to Be a Player in Mobile Messaging – Mike Isaac – Social – AllThingsD

Insolvenzen : Firmenpleiten bedrohen fast 150.000 Arbeitsplätze – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – DIE WELT

15.000 Pleiten in einem halben Jahr: Wirtschaftsflaute treibt mehr Firmen in Ruin –

DuckDuckGo Brings Its Anonymous Search & Rich Results To Android & iOS

Why centralisation does not guarantee Europe prosperity | Otmar Issing | Business |

Schuldenlast : Portugal wird es wohl nicht mehr allein schaffen – Nachrichten Wall Street Journal – DIE WELT

House price inflation up to highest level in three years | Money |

NSA-Affäre: EU braucht starke IT-Branche «

Reallöhne sinken: Inflation frisst Lohnerhöhungen in Deutschland auf – manager magazin

Inflation: Reallöhne in Deutschland sinken – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Italie : Le déficit budgétaire se creuse à 7,3% du PIB au T1, Actualités

Wages Fall At Record Pace

Nowhere to Hide in Worst Bond Losses Since 2008: Credit Markets – Bloomberg

Stimulus, not austerity is the key to global economic recovery | Robert Skidelsky | Business |

PIMCO Total Return Fund falls in June, weakest month since 2008 | Reuters

Honohan – Anglo Tapes could lead to criminal prosecutions –

For U.S. corporate giants, taxes are far below top rate: study | Reuters

Xbox chief Don Mattrick joins Zynga as CEO – Telegraph

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