Links: 2013-03-31

Today I have a bunch of catch up links, especially from the telecom and mobile world in the wake of the T-mobile announcement on ending mobile subsidies last week.

News links for 31 Mar 2013

Deal with failed banks the Dutch way: rely on the ECB, deposit insurance, and the public’s faith in the government | FT Alphaville

Home sweet tax shield – how the Dutch do property | FT Alphaville

Michael Dell’s Folly –

Belgian 2013 Budget Deal to Shrink Deficit, Lower Debt – Bloomberg

The Daily Mail: Paywall? We don’t need no stinking paywall — paidContent

Our infamous bank guarantee, RIP –

Bank Confiscation Scheme for US and UK Depositors | The Big Picture

The paywalls go up – but papers still aren’t secure | Media | The Observer

Germans greet Cyprus deal with a mixture of relief and fear | World news | The Observer

Summly’s teenaged founder says he wants to help make Yahoo great again — Tech News and Analysis

Sherpa, a New Personal Assistant App, Stays One Step Ahead of You – Lauren Goode – Product News – AllThingsD

Apple said to triple retail operations in India by 2015

Insight: German reliance on Deutsche Bank outweighs scandals | Reuters

World’s biggest banks to unlock US$160bn of tax credits | Capital City | IFRe

iPhone on T-Mobile US seen as a ‘big deal’ that will help Apple’s June quarter

T-Mobile tiptoes around data throttling, iPhone Wi-Fi calling

Apple’s iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile April 12 with $99 upfront payment plan

Portugal PM admits court ruling may sink government: report | Reuters

T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger: It would force AT&T and Verizon to improve. – Slate Magazine

If there’s no such thing as anonymous data, does privacy just mean security? — Tech News and Analysis

“First do no harm”: My interview with Amazon and Goodreads on the future of Goodreads — paidContent

T-Mobile’s iPhone discounts are for customers only, but it will still sell you the device — Tech News and Analysis

Despite losing 3M subscribers, BlackBerry earnings positively surprise — Tech News and Analysis

T-Mobile is ending subsidies and contracts, but it’s still locking phones — Tech News and Analysis

T-Mobile’s new LTE network is fast, but it’s going to get a lot faster — Tech News and Analysis

How many people are actually “reading it later”? Pocket launches tool for publishers — paidContent

T-Mobile’s UN-Carrier Approach Sounds Awesome, But Killing Contracts Shouldn’t be Their Message or Focus [Opinion] – Droid Life

My Purchases for Android Shows You Everything You’ve Bought from Google Play

Enable T-Mobile’s LTE Service on Your Unlocked iPhone

T-Mobile makes new service plans official, launches 4G LTE network

Amazon’s smartphone to have 4.7 inch display?

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature ‘unbreakable’ AMOLED display

Portugal’s economic situation illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of Euro area austerity | Mindful Money

The $99 OUYA Console Will Make Its Retail Debut In The US, UK And Canada On June 4 | TechCrunch

China Plans To Avoid Middle-Income Trap – Business Insider

US ‘facing more bank bail-outs’ – Telegraph

Schaeuble says euro zone savings deposits are safe | Reuters

Savers in Bank of Cyprus to lose 60pc of savings over €100k –

Embedly Now Goes Beyond Embedding With New Products “Extract” & “Display” For Making Sense Of Links & Resizing Images | TechCrunch

Argentina One-Sixth Bond Offer Seen as ‘Thumbing Nose’ – Bloomberg

Belgium agrees savings, asset sales to meet EU budget demands | Reuters | Golden Dawn wants death penalty for violent migrants

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