Links: 2013-03-28

I am still on my Easter holiday in Germany and am not writing a lot. However, I did want to pass on some links that I found useful over the past few days. Sorry about the sparseness of the links today. I have limited time and promise you a lot more news links. I should provide excerpts next time I post because I think the excerpts are helpful on where to key in on in the articles. I will have some comments later in the week on the post-bank holiday situation in Cyprus.



News links for 28 Mar 2013

Cyprus has finally killed myth that EMU is benign – Telegraph

The Best Way to Save Banking Is to Kill It – Bloomberg

Germany’s rethink on just where the blame lies for the Irish bank bailout – Political News | Irish & International Politics | The Irish Times – Wed, Mar 27, 2013 | Schaeuble says criticism in wake of Cyprus deal is like jealousy in classroom

New home sales take a breather, prices rise | Reuters

Home prices rise in January, best yearly increase since 2006: S&P | Reuters

Student loan write-offs hit $3 billion in first two months of year | Reuters

Germany accused of dominating EU at expense of smaller states –

‘Future of EU depends on recovery in Ireland and Portugal’ – | After Cyprus deal, Luxembourg’s Asselborn says Germany should not decide business models

Cyprus, Seriously –

Spain to sink further, warns central bank | World news | The Guardian

Cyprus readies capital controls to avert bank run | Reuters

Andrew Sullivan rolls out $1.99/month payment option for The Dish — paidContent

Immobilienaktien: Die Angst vor der Schweizer Immobilienblase – Aktien – Finanzen – Handelsblatt

The Dijsselbloem Principle | Felix Salmon

Default protection on bank debt jumps on Cyprus copycat fears | Capital City | IFRe

What happened today? | Some of it was true…

Cyprus’s role in a German Europe – | Eurogroup scales back from Dijsellbloem comments on bank bail-ins for other eurozone members

Dijsselbloem: Cyprus Deal Is A Template – Business Insider

Dijsselbloem, do remember that careless talk costs lives…* | FT Alphaville

AFP: La popularité de Hollande perd 5 points, à 36%, selon un sondage LH2

Russia’s Putin in surprise support for Cyprus bailout – Telegraph

Bernanke LSE Speech On Financial Crises – Business Insider

Bankia shares plunge on capital injection –

Cyprus’s banks have been tamed – are Malta and Luxembourg next? | Ian Traynor | Business |

This Was An Epic Victory For Angela Merkel – Business Insider

Cyprus upends bank capital structure | FT Long Short

Cyprus archbishop urges eurozone exit – Telegraph | EU commissioner Barnier says Cyprus capital controls will only last a few days

IMF Supports Danish Plan to Curb Bail-In Scope for Biggest Banks – Bloomberg

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