News Links: Goldman says an unlimited ECB commitment would be cheaper

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  1. Oldrich says

    The Iberian peninsula is in a pretty mess. I really wonder how the things are going to pan out in the mid-long term (2 – 5 years). Staggering numbers of young people are unemployed, social tensions are rising and many companies are going bust. Real estate and construction sector (which were real drivers of the economy) in depression. Now they call for a general strike in Portugal. Human nature is human nature and I do not see these people being able to bear austerity for much longer.

  2. Dave Holden says

    “Steve Keen: Credit Created Out of Thin Air”

    Steve Keen explaining why private sector debt (and it’s size) matters and why neoclassical economists still don’t get it.

    “Some Things You Should Know About China”

    “If all you know about China comes from PBoC and Central Government reports and analysts’ financial statements, then you know very little about China or how it actually works.”

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