News Links: Kellogg’s outlook suffers after axing ‘too many jobs’

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  1. Oldrich says

    I believe the big picture is becoming pretty clear. What they mention in “Der Spiegel” and in “Politico” about the rise of poverty is actually happening globally. I like the term I have first heard from you “Soft depression”, maybe I would use the term “Creeping depression”. In the grand scheme of things if you look at the world holistically and don’t restrict yourself to seeing just one part of the picture it manifests itself in many ways – the above mentioned rise in poverty levels, joblessness, lower wages and less benefits for those keep their jobs, general rise in precarity – general decrease of in the quality of existence and social standarts, falling consumer spending levels, rise of radicalism and confrontational style of politics, currency wars (?)….

    1. Edward Harrison says

      No argument here. Let’s just hope the depression stays soft!!

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