links for 2011-09-02

  1. Daniel says

    some links about germany

    Konjunkturboom erreicht die Konten der Arbeitnehmer

    Aufschwung lässt Staatsdefizit schmelzen,1518,783721,00.html

    Unemployment Fell in August for 26th Month as German Hiring Resisted Slump

    Schäuble könnte sich neuen EU-Vertrag vorstellen

    I have the feeling that politicians are deeply divided wether they need something like a new EU treaty because it’s still pretty unclear what the medium to long term consequences would be. But I’d say that there is no general rejection, simply because some people think that doing nothing would lead to a complete blowup. Maybe Schäuble is reading Michael Pettis ;) (that’s what I thought when I heard that he wants to transfer more power to the EU (and logically that means, power away from him/the german government)

    But the average german absolutely doesn’t like the idea. But we also didn’t like the euro or the Solidaritätszuschlag etc. so if there is political consensus (the SPD and the greens already backed plans for a deeper fiscal integration) it will be done.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      These reports are backward looking Daniel. The forward looking indicators are more negative.

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