Scoble: Problems at Twitter and Facebook give Google+ opening

Influential tech blogger Robert Scoble talked to Bloomberg earlier in the week about the social media scene. The main message I took away is that he believes Google+ is a successful product for Google which could spell trouble for Facebook and Twitter.

Video below.

P.S. – I am on Google+ and I like the platform. I told a friend recently that right now, it has pluses and minuses. The big plus is it is Twitter and Facebook at once, meaning I feel that I can get out of it what I separately get out of the other two. Twitter is good for me to get the word out but Facebook is good to have more intimate contact with people. Google Plus has these circles that make this possible. So you can post things publicly to people who follow you but post things (like family photos) to individual circles privately as well.

The minus is that the other platforms already have installed networks that are important right now, especially twitter (journalists, news junkies, etc).

Bottom line: If I didn’t need a footprint on the other platforms (and trusted one company to own my social media experience, which I don’t) I would just migrate everything to Google Plus. I like it. Me, I will probably drop Facebook first of the three.

  1. Dave Holden says

    I played around with Google plus for a while and it looks like an impressive system – ultimately I deleted my plus account as on the whole I try to limit the amount of privacy I trade for services – sadly I often feel I’m fighting a losing battle with myself.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      I have privacy concerns too since Google already has so much data on us all. But their privacy policy is definitely better than Facebook and that is appealing.

  2. Dave Holden says

    Certainly Google have definitely learned lessons from their Google “Buzz” experience and before that Google “Wave” – the circles idea I found very intuitive. And I agree re Facebook, their privacy policy I find to be a bit of a mess. Google’s entry into this market with a substantial offering is certainly welcome and in my opinion makes a mockery of valuations that some are placing on Facebook.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Valuation is the point isn’t it. Yes, the Facebook valuation will suffer due to Google Plus.

  3. David Lazarus says

    I have Twitter and Facebook but am very selective about them because I prefer to compartmentalise my life. Circles allows me to do that. That was the feature that attracted me most of all.

  4. Dave Holden says

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