The Daily Links Post: 2010-12-10

Here’s the daily links post. Before I send you off to the links I wanted to mention that I will be on Howard Green’s show on BNN at 12:15 ET to talk about China and Wells Fargo amongst other topics. I really haven’t been that good about updating you with media appearances I do because I’ve been on Russia Today a few times without mentioning it here on the blog. If you follow me on twitter (hint, hint), not only do you stand a better chance of catching the post alerts in real-time, you can also chat with me or get updates on my media appearances.

By the way, today I am feeling pretty under the weather so after the BNN thing, I’m going straight home to bed. If you don’t see any posts from me for the rest of the day, that’s why. Have a great weekend.


P.S. – I have added Marc Chandler’s recent book to the reading list, so check them all out here. They make for good holiday presents if somewhat sobering ones.

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