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I will be on RT TV America tonight at 1745 ET talking about the G-20 and the Deficit Commission. Tomorrow morning at 1200 GMT (7AM ET), I will be on BBC World News saying more about the G-20. I hope I have something positive to say because there is a lot of friction right now for a world economy in recovery. My view is that we could be headed for a multi-year recovery if the housing problems in the U.S. are and the Irish situation is worked out. In that sense, I am more optimistic. My baseline is starting to move toward this multiyear recovery view again. But there are headwinds.

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    1. Edward Harrison says

      Daniel, we should hope consumption growth picks up in Germany because the export boom will fade if this Irish debt crisis continues. Germany is still too dependent on export growth for my tastes. Much of this is now geared toward the Chinese and EM but it makes the German economy exposed to a slowdown in global growth.

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