Will Wall Street Bonuses Be Slashed?

CNBC’s Kate Kelly and David Faber say that Wall Street bonuses will likely be down this year as much as 28% across the board despite high earnings. Clearly, Wall Street now understands that compensation is being watched by government and voters. Is this the beginning of a newfound compensation constraint in financial services? Take a look.

  1. fresnodan says

    Clearly they have figured out that the average rube will be impressed with a markdown of 28%, just like with a snuggie.
    Yeah, instead of 100 million, Mr. Banker only gets 72 million. We used to have this system called “profit and LOSS”
    Scrooge “Are there no workhouses?” Why is any CEO of a TBTF bank not destitute as a real market would demand?

  2. D_bh says

    the more important statistic is total comp…sure bonuses could be down YoY, however most banks adjusted base salaries higher, so net-net total comp could be 10-15% higher YoY

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