Links: 2010-01-20

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The Usual Fare

  • We Apologize More to Strangers Than Family, and Why Women Ask for Forgiveness More Than Men –
  • – Peter Tasker – Emerging markets at risk from a gigantic bubble
  • RIM fires back at Steve Jobs – National Post
  • Quantitative Easing Only Show in Town For Fed, BOE: David G. Blanchflower – Bloomberg
  • Here’s That Devastating Report On Bank Of America That Everyone Is Talking About Today
  • English football should have heeded Lord Triesman’s debt warning | Football | The Guardian
  • Making sense of Sarah Palin’s third-party threat | James Pethokoukis
  • Sobering thoughts from Mervyn King | Business |
  • Mervyn King hints at fresh round of quantitative easing | Business |
  • / Columnists / Martin Wolf – Britain and America seek different paths from disaster
  • – Washington’s energy rift with China unpopular
  • The Problem Of Depression Is Margin Compression | Pragmatic Capitalsm
  • StockTwits Grabs $4 Million More In Inside Round
  • Bill Clinton’s Impact More Positive for Democrats Than Obama’s
  • VMware Earnings Set to Grow –
  • Apple, Google And Steve Jobs’ Earnings Call Trash Talk
  • TweetDeck to Jobs: With Only Two Android Developers, Development Wasn’t a Nightmare at All | Android Phone Fans
  • Evernote Raises $20M In Bid To Become A “Global Platform For Human Memory”
  • When Steve Jobs Rants, Visualizations Of His Words Materialize
  • Svenska höginkomsttagare betalar högst marginalskatter i världen –

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