Links: 2010-08-30

  • Le Figaro – Politique : Roms expulsés : Kouchner a songé à démissionner
  • Oväntat stort BNP-lyft i Danmark –
  • Guest Post: Modern Monetary Theory — A Primer on the Operational Realities of the Monetary System « naked capitalism
  • Crise condicionou estas férias – Economia – DN
  • Phone Numbers Are Dead, They Just Don’t Know It Yet – Tech Crunch
  • / Columnists / Wolfgang Münchau – Germany’s rebound is no cause for cheer
  • FT Alphaville » El-Erian: How to read Bernanke’s Jackson Hole Speech
  • "Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?": America’s misguided culture of overwork –
  • CloudMagic Is a Lightning Fast, As-You-Type Search Tool for Gmail
  • Ask Not Whether Governments Will Default, but How – Morgan Stanley – Global Economic Forum
  • Gmail Add-on Makes E-mail Smarter – Mashable
  • European Central Bank refuses to disclose ‘top secret’ amount of Irish debt –
  • Anglo Irish plan faces party, EU opposition: report | Reuters
  • Economist’s View: The Relationship Between Nominal Interest Rates and Inflation: Should Jaws be Dropping?
  • Why do we ape Boston instead of Berlin? – Business, Frontpage –
  • White: ‘Burden of Debt’ Will Slow Global Growth | Credit Writedowns
  • ‘Sensational’ Discovery: Archeologists Find Gateway to the Viking Empire – SPIEGEL ONLINE
  • Survey Says Facebook Feeds Narcissism [STUDY] – Mashable
  • Megan McArdle’s Plea to Monetary Policy Critics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
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