Links: 2010-08-04


A few weeks ago, I indicated that CW was going to undergo a site re-design. The first stage of the re-design has already happened. Please drop us a line with comments and thoughts on other improvements.



P.S. – I haven’t blogged on the ISM manufacturing survey as I usually do (I’m on holiday). But, the numbers were weak. The U.S. economy’s growth is slowing as I have indicated it would. But notice that Germany and France’s recovery continues apace (for now).

  1. skippy says

    looks great ed, and it loads fairly fast (given the amount of widgets etc on the page)

    my only advice would be, dont go nutso on the widgets; they are noise and nobody even looks at them

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Thanks, skippy. Which widgets are you talking about specifically?

  2. Kyle E Davis says

    Nice redesign. Work way better with the ancient browser running on the workstation. Thanks!

  3. Joel says

    I love the new look of the site. However, for the past few months I have been getting an error each time I click on a link saying “This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.” Most of the time, the link opens anyway although sometimes it doesn’t.

  4. Daniel says

    demographic change

    Tausende Lehrstellen bleiben unbesetzt,1518,710230,00.html

    (“funny” development when you consider that youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems in most parts of the developed world)

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