Links: 2010-07-15

Posting may be light this morning, but there are a few issues on tap to discuss. JPMorgan Chase had great earnings, beating estimates by 40 cents a share. Of course, they did so largely on the back of lower loan loss reserves. So I remain sceptical. 

Jobless claims were the lowest in two years. Now that’s something to cheer about. A lot of this has to do with the automakers running plants at a time of year when they normally do not so the numbers are probably distorted. A good number is a good number though.

I will update you on the conversation I had yesterday with BNN. Just as a sort of media alert, I am going to be talking to BBC Radio Five Live about the political economy live next week when British Prime Minister Cameron comes to Washington. It should be fun. By the way I love Five Live for English Football, Wake Up To Money and Victoria Derbyshire.

In the meantime, here are the links until I post again later today.

  • Et maintenant Anelka injurie Lizarazu ! – BRP HD – Le sport
  • Spanish banks’ borrowing broke records in June –
  • Punters back recall for ‘bad Apple’ iPhone –
  • With Google as Partner, Verizon May Not Need iPhone –
  • China’s growth slows to 10.3% | Business |
  • La deuda de la banca española con el BCE alcanza un récord en junio · ELPAÍ
  • Illinois borrowing costs –
  • Marginal Revolution: Will a helicopter drop of money stimulate aggregate demand?
  • Best Places to Live 2010 – Top 25: Pricey homes – from MONEY Magazine
  • FiveThirtyEight: It Is Too the Economy!
  • David Axelrod’s Talking Points « The Baseline Scenario
  • Rise of the Chinese Ghost Town | safe, clean, affordable…
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